Take the Airline Confirmation Number Personality Test

So you’re trying to spell out a confirmation number into a cell phone, and to make sure there are no mistakes, you say words that begin with each of the letters. There’s a standard one the military uses, something about Foxtrots and Tangoes (what’s up with NATO and ballroom dancing?), but you don’t really know that, so you make something up.

Go ahead, try this 6-digit confirmation number. But first, do some method acting: you’re going on an important flight, and you need to fix the reservation, but you’re running late, and now the shuttle van is here. You get on, and you’re self-conscious about something you don’t like about yourself: hair/weight/ age/income, whatever. You feel everyone’s judging you. Got it? Okay, make the call…they want the confirmation number…don’t think, just say whatever word comes up for each letter:

G F 3 L B 7

She was in her 50’s, a large white woman, about 300 pounds. Hers was the last stop before the airport, a modest house in the Lynwood suburbs. There was something incredibly decent and likeable about her; she seemed like someone who was fair-minded, always trying to do the right thing, kind to those around her. (These are judgements you make while meeting, greeting, taking their luggage, etc.) After we got going, she politely excused herself to make a call to the airline, and they asked for her confirmation number. In her phonetic alphabet, it was “God Fat three Love Blame seven.”

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  1. This is one of my favorite Van Stories, Edgy! “God Fat three Love Blame.” You called it right. She sounds incredibly decent and likeable. I love hearing stories about people who do things in their own fun, peculiar, and totally unique way. It’s inspiring me to create my own call-letters code. Thanks for this one.

    1. Thanks, Cubby. What really struck me was the baring of her soul under pressure–her insecurities, yes, “blame” and “fat”–but her beautiful heart as well. It could be a fun party game to get everyone drunk and then have them improvise a phonetic alphabet. Though I cringe when I imagine what spill out of me…

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