Sestina for Hope Solo

I wrote this poem when I was taking a class in poetic forms from Carolyn Wright. This is a sestina, a 12th century form that uses six-line stanzas, with six pre-chosen words to end each line. The line-ending words change position in a specific order in each stanza; after six 6-line stanzas, there’s a final …

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How to Pray

This poem was inspired by a story I heard on KUOW about a young woman who was doing well climbing the corporate ladder. She had a presentation in front of the board, and killed it. But it nearly killed her: she kept hanging around the room, waiting for everyone to leave, so she could throw …

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  1. You serve the smooth sestina. You keep us safe and warm. But it might just be the calm before the storm. I am reminded of Yeats’ poignant (moreso by its being a century ahead of time) allegory about the effect that fossil fuel consumption would have on Arctic sea ice:

    “No longer turning in the Beaufort Gyre; the Falcon
    cannot hear the Wagoneer […]”

    Like Yeats, you must slouch on – as far as your trunkless legs will go – keep making, of yourself, an assonance.

    1. Aside from the Steely Dan references, your comment was mostly incomprehensible to me, until I found this article:

      The widening gyre of heavy-handed allusions to Yeats’s “The Second Coming.”

      You were semi-psychic*, though–I also took a class from David Wagoner. (Hope I’m not making an assonance out of myself with the name dropping. Oh well, I just used them all up anyway.)

      *Who’s that Kreskin so-and-so?**

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